Elma Riza _ Video maker and photographer based in Berlin. « I arrived in Berlin in 2007 and have been working and living there since then as a visual artist, videographer and photographer. Photography and video are my primary mediums and remain important in my work, so when I started documenting my artistic performances, it seemed natural to me to offer my services to document the events and projects of others. I learned how to edit by watching new wave movies (Nouvelle Vague) and classics from the 50’s – 80’s. I approach video a bit like photography in the sense that I give value to composition and framing. Editing is for me a bit like a construction game, where I have to find the right rhythm, the right transitions, in order to create a film that shares in a fluid and lively way, an experience, an idea with the audience.
I like to immerse myself in different universes for a few hours with the challenge of capturing the best moments.  » (Elma Riza, 2020)


I offer you to document your events:

  • Lectures & meetings
  • Art projects with children
  • Dance, Theater & Music
  • Exhibitions
  • Workshops

In 2008 I started working professionally and in 2015 started using a Sony Alpha 7II Really good picture-quality 24 Megapixels and great results in many light condition!


  1. FE 4/16-35
  2. FE 1,5/55
  3. FE 3,5-5,6/28-70
  4. FE 2,8/24-70 GM

Microphone: Sony adapter XLRK2M Postproduction

  • Photo: Adobe Photoshop 2020
  • Video Editing: Final cut pro X


  • I studied at the Berlin Art Academy – KHB (2012) and completed my technical training with internships CIMDATA.
  • Part of the Team AugenZeugeKunst
  • I work regularly with the Stiftung Brandenburger Tor & IET GmbH
  • Between 2018 – 2020, I worked with IASS, Groupo Oito, La Ménagerie e.V Berlin, Xchange Festival Berlin, Eva Burghardt, Impro per Arts, Andrew Wass, Stefania Petracca, Paolo Cingliani, Trio SCALES, Akemi Nagao, Bettina Neuhaus…
  • Publication (Photos): Book Cover « L’Apparition » by Joël Becam, 2020 – Catalogues « Max-Artists in Residence an Grundschulen », 2017/18 & 2018/19


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